Spring Has Sprung April 12, 2016

april2016 qtrpge ad photoSpring is so vibrant with everything blooming and the colors coming to life and it seems to give us that certain pep in our step to change things up a bit.  I’m sure that for most of us that means cleaning out and organizing.  For some it may mean moving into a larger new home or downsizing to a smaller home.  We can help you in all of these areas.  When you are cleaning out and getting ready to move why not make some extra money on those items you no longer need.  Here at Fun Finds we are all about repurpose, reuse, recycle.  We truly love helping you freshen up your space by adding gently used unexpected treasures found here at our store.  We also have a great new addition of some new items to choose from to help you complete your look.  Please be sure to stop by often and cruise the store as items are changing almost daily so there is a good chance you can find what you are looking for on your next trip in.  Even if you don’t need anything right now, please drop by to browse and talk.  We love our customers and consignors and its a blessing to have you in our store. 

Have a Blessed Spring


Tell Us What You Think!

Hello everyone! Welcome to 2016!!!!!!! We are excited about this new year and what it will bring for our store and our wonderful customers and consignors. We need your help. Please help us in picking some new items, as well as consigned. What kind of items would you like to see? What kind of finishes – painted, stained, chipped, etc. If you have a specific style you like or are looking for – let us know. We truly love helping you and would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

New Sofas, Chairs Love Seats and Ottomans

June 23, 2015

Please stop by and check out our new selection of sofas, chairs, love seats and ottomans. These have just arrived this week, and they blend perfectly with our other consigned pieces.  Come in and take a look!

New Owners at Fun Finds and Designs

June 18, 2015

Hello Everyone,

As the store manager of Fun Finds and Designs over the last two years, I have enjoyed getting to know all of our great consignors and customers. As of February 1, 2015 my husband Jeff and I became the new owners of Fun Finds and Designs. We have been busy updating the website, the store and bringing in some new items to mix in with our gently used consigned items. It is our desire to continue to provide great service in a friendly, inviting atmosphere. We truly love what we do and we strive to bring our customers a great selection of gently used and new home décor and furniture.
We have many great consignors and we thank you so much for allowing us to help you sell your items. Staging and mixing gently used and new together is what I like to do best. I love taking consignor’s items and mixing them together for a great, appealing look that is both welcoming and stylish. Every day at Fun Finds is FUN. We never know what is coming through the doors, but we know it’s all going to work together and be beautiful.
Take a stroll around our newly redesigned website complete with new mobile app. Please visit us on Facebook, like and share us with all your friends.
We would like to thank our friends, and former owners, Betty and Terry Anderson for believing in us and giving us this opportunity. We look forward to many more years of serving our community and making new friends.