While the world is battling this COVID-19 Pandemic I thought it would be important to offer encouragement during this time of uncertainty. I am proud of our community for doing their part in social distancing in order to help flatten the curve of te COVID-19 Virus.

Although I know routines and lives have been disrupted, I think it is important to remember that we as a community are made to help one another and lift each other up in times like these. If there is a need let’s help someone with that need whether it’s praying for them, picking up items and leaving it at the door for those that are homebound and low immune systems, or moms who are suddenly thrown into homeschooling and are not quite sure how to handle it, senior citizens who are in nursing homes and assisted living that can’t see their families, people who have lost their jobs and many other situations that are occuring due to this difficult time.

I know for myself that when troubled times come I find it comforting in knowing that helping others is the best medicine. We as a nation have so much and I am thankful to have my faith, family, friends and community to help me through whatever may come. Let’s step up to the plate and offer help to others through prayer, thoughtful encouragement, writing cards, facetiming, phone calls, providing necessities for people and monetary help if you can to those suddenly faced without a job and just helping in any way we can.

Simple acts of kindness go a long way. The next time you see a person stocking the shelves make it a point to tell them they are doing a great job. For all of our medical personnel, law enforcement, first responders and anyone involved in harms way to help us – give them a “thank you” and “we appreciate you” shout out on social media or in person (with the appropriate distancing of course).

I feel that I have been blessed with the priviledge of having a store that provides not only items for your home but help and encouragement for our Consignors and customers. It is my desire to genuinely help and encourage everyone going through this difficult time. Please know that I am praying for our nation and leaders during this time and would be happy to pray for specific needs. Just send me an email to

I have a calmness and peace that things will get better and we all have to hang in there together.

Many Blessings & Stay Healthy,